Universidad de la Republica

The University of the Republic is the largest public university in Uruguay.

It has more than 135,000 undergraduate students, according to 2018 data from the continuous survey of students.

It was founded on July 18, 1849 in Montevideo, and currently has a presence in 14 departments of the country.

Its first rector was Lorenzo Fernández, and its current rector since 2018 is the economist Rodrigo Arim.

The University of the Republic has sixteen faculties ( see below list ) several university schools and institutes, and its own university hospital, located in Montevideo.

Area of Technologies and Sciences of Nature and Habitat

Agronomy faculty
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism
University School Design Center
Science Faculty
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Chemistry
Veterinary school

Health Sciences Area

Faculty of Nursing
School of Medicine
School of Midwives
University School of Medical Technology
University Hospital of Clinics Dr. Manuel Quintela
Institute of Hygiene
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Psychology
Higher Institute of Physical Education
School of Nutrition

Social and Artistic Area

Faculty of Economic Sciences and Administration
Faculty of Social Sciences
Law School
Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences
Faculty of Information and Communication
University School of Music
Faculty of Fine Arts

Our staff, Journalist Dirce Ramiro and ISD Special Diplomatic Envoy Cmdr. Manuel Fernandez, visited University´s main and monumental building at Avenida 18 de Julio and was extremely well received by Centro de Información people, and informed about how to revalidate college degrees of Brazilian´s colleges, as well as about available scholarship programs.