Armada Nacional de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay

Uruguay is a country bathed by the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean, and the protection of the country’s territorial waters is of the utmost importance. This task is carried out under the serene and wise direction of Admiral Jorge WILSON MENENDEZ, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy.

Our staff, Journalist Dirce Ramiro and Special Diplomatic Envoy Cmdr. Manuel Fernandez, was received by Commander-in-Chief Jorge WILSON in his office of the Armada General Command on Rambla 25 de Agosto in Montevideo, a historic building of great architectural beauty.

Commander-in-Chief Jorge WILSON gave us a very lucid overview of the current world situation and geopolitics, demonstrating the great wisdom and military experience of a man who was a Surface Officer of several naval units in Uruguay, Naval Attaché abroad, attended with distinction General Staff Course and Command, and was in several United Nations Peace Missions worldwide, always performing with brilliance and receiving several medals for his outstanding duty.

Under his command, among other goals, Armada is modernizing, procuring new vessels and offering various courses and distance learning programs to its members, in a vision of a true Navy of the 21st Century.

On that occasion, our staff gave Commander-in-Chief Jorge WILSON the Medal of the Order of Melquisedeque in the Knight Degree, a small tribute for the great work that the Admiral performs at the head of the Armada.

Our staff, in the person of Special Diplomatic Envoy Cmdr. Manuel Fernandez, received with great honor from hands of Commander-in-Chief Jorge WILSON his challenge coin.