Kehilá Uruguay

On July 18, 1916, Kehilá in Uruguay was founded, with the mission of providing for the needs of the members of the Jewish collective of Uruguay, in addition to promoting their development as people of integrity, seeking a harmonious balance in all its dimensions: physical , emotional, mental and spiritual.

Our staff, Journalist Dirce Ramiro and Special Diplomatic Envoy Cmdr. Manuel Fernandez, had the honor of being received by the Great Rabbi Max Godet in Montevideo.

The Great Rabbi Max Godet is a captivating, vivacious and wise person who conquers with his modern vision and thoughts.

Representative of a generation that seeks Peace with all religions, we drank his words of wisdom in a memorable meeting, where he gave us a real lesson on the current world and the relationships between peoples and nations.

The incessant work of the Great Rabbi Max Godet in Uruguay makes him act not only as a Spiritual Leader and Teacher of Religion, but also as a Light for the Jewish Nation.

On the occasion, our staff gave Grand Rabbi Max Godet the Medal of the Order of Melquisedeque in the Knight Degree, a small tribute to a man who guides the paths of the Jewish Nation in Uruguay.