Câmara Municipal de Jacareí – Vereador Paulinho dos Condutores

Left: Journalist Dirce Ramiro – Center: Councilman Paulinho dos Condutores Right: Special Diplomatic Envoy Cmdr. Manuel Fernandez

Our staff, Journalist Dirce Ramiro and Special Diplomatic Envoy Cmdr. Manuel Fernandez, had the honor of being received at Câmara Municipal de Jacareí ( Jacarei City Council ) by Councilman Paulinho dos Condutores from PL – Partido Liberal ( Liberal´s Party).

Mr.Paulo Ferreira da Silva, affectionately known by the population of Jacareí as “Paulinho dos Condutores”, is not only a councilman but also the President of the City Council of Jacarei and one of the most active and combative representatives of the people of the city.

He received this affectionate nickname from the population due to his work as Director-President of the Drivers’ Union in Jacareí for 9 years and as Director of the Transport Federation of the State of São Paulo for 3 years.

Due to his excellent work on behalf of the city, working for the population in the areas of health, transport, sport, culture, disabled and public safety, he was voted for a second term as councilman and is currently the President of the City Council of Jacarei for 2021-2022 term.


Left: Journalist Dirce Ramiro – Right: Councilman Paulinho dos Condutores

On the occasion, our staff gave to Councilman Paulinho dos Condutores the Medal of the Order of Melquisedeque in the Knight Degree, a small tribute for the great work that the Councilman performs at Jacarei city.